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Our Programs






Drop-in classes are created for those who can not attend classes on regular basis but wish to pursue dance training. These classes are for people of any age during the week. The students will be offered programs on jazz, modern, classic ballet and Latin dance. The classes will be available for all levels of training (beginners-advanced) for recreational programs only.


This program is aimed at students over the age of 5 years to adults who wish to learn new dancing styles at the amateur level. The program is offered in groups and individually. We provide different levels of training. Beginners are invited to participate in the groups for beginners. Those who have experience, we invite to train within our mid-level training. Students with serious choreographic skills can continue training within advanced level groups. This program is available for jazz, modern dance, classical ballet and Latin dance. Open classes and a mini-show will be held every half training year for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Private (Individual) & Semi-Private

This program is offered for those in any age category within the recreational or competitive levels. It's aimed for students who either want to pick up few dance moves, advance at their own pace, or progress faster to a more competitive level. For competitive level students, private lessons will help to speed their advancement, develop their individual strengths, and boost their technical and performance skills.

Young Talent (Competitive)

The defining program for talented kids and young people. The goal of this program is to help children and young people with natural dance skills to shine and those who wish to pursue a life of professional dance. The students within program will be required to take 4 classes a week: 2 classic ballet classes and 2 classes either jazz or Latin dance (or individual lesson). Participation in competitions is mandatory.

Intensive Sessions

Intensive sessions are offered to the children during the Christmas and summer vacations. These sessions are meant for the competitive level students only to help them break-through and give a boost of technique and performance skills. The duration of each session is 1 week, and sessions are ongoing during above mentioned time periods. Classes are held every day Monday to Friday 2-3